uSID64 (Rev.2)

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This is the first Replica Chip for the new UNIVERSE64 and the C64. Based on the Teensy 4 which plugs into the uSID64 adapter board, this new SID provides an internal 2nd SID whose output can be used internally or externally. The 2nd SID is controlled by an external chip select pin "CS2". Pseudo stereo without using the CS2 pin is also possible.

The pin row spacing has been reduced to a minimum so that the chip is not too wide and can also be used in tight spaces.

The new uSID64 is configured via a Config Tool or can also be set via poke commands. Changeable is the routing of the 2nd SID, as well as the filter is switchable (6581/8580).

Normally a Teensy costs about 20€, together with the 2nd SID Socket Adapter board this new SID would cost about 26€. Since this SID is a stereo variant, that would be about 13€ per SID.


Useful Accessories:

With the 2nd SID Socket Adapter board, the CS2 and Audio Out 2 pins are provided coming from a possible 2nd SID socket.



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-> Firmware

-> uSID64 Config Tool



Programmed by Matthias