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With this cardridge currently different C64 files can be started via the SDCard and the cartridge menu: PRG, P00, T64, D64 (with PRG File Selection), TAP, SID, KLA, KOA, and CRT (8K, 16K, Ultimax, Ocean 32/64K, Magic Desk 64K [PRG->CRT], Super Zaxxon, EPYX FastLoad). A 50k PRG is loaded into memory in about 2 sec.

This cartridge is also perfect for developing software on the C64 by sending the compiled code via USB directly to the cartridge (PRG or CRT) and running it there immediately.

Unlike other similar cartridges there are no collisions with the IO1/2 signals (Midi Interfaces), all C64 files are sorted alphabetically and in folders, fully equipped quite inexpensive, as well as suitable for PAL and NTSC.

The special is the THT construction (no SMD components) and the left TAPE connector. The left TAPE board can be detached from the main board and can be connected to the C64 TAPE port via a ribbon cable.


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Programmed by Matthias