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Welcome to UNI64, the webshop for classic 8-bit technology in the form of the classic 2 Layer THT/Through Hole boards (mainly without SMD components), and new visions/designs for 80s computer hard- and software, and also the continuous development of 8-bit replica chips, so that completely new 80s based computers can be built and offered.

Flashback: Under the "UNI64" label, I have been developing numerous 8-bit computers since 2020. To date, over 200 different PCBs have been created for these computers and other projects, and they are now widely recognized and highly esteemed worldwide. As a result, many well-known developers, YouTubers, musicians, and even shops from the retro area have reached out to UNI64. This includes the MEGA65 project, the J-6526 developer, musician LukHash, YouTuber Retro Recipes, YouTuber Leesmiths Workshop, Protovision, Pi1541 developer Steven White, the developer of the new C64OS, and many others. However, this recognition has been primarily based on my C64 projects thus far. In the future, UNI64 will be involved in various fields, and in this context, I will continue to create and build everything myself, starting from microprocessor development, internet and network programming, graphic design, game development, music composition, video production, and 3D animation.

My primary goal is inter alia to surprise people and bring a smile to their face :-)

With this in mind, enjoy and exciting entertainment!

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