2600/XL Arcade C/64 CPC/464 ZX/48  

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u251715+64 MMU (READY+)

uTraktorBeam64 - LEVEL17 (READY+)

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The "uTraktorBeam64" fits into a Commodore C64 case and is a C/64 board that takes up very little space in the case. So other features can be built into the C64 case, like a few battery cells and a LCD monitor, so that you can play independent of the mains for example.

The board is delivered ready soldered and already equipped with standard ICs (8701 and 64K RAM are already included), but without the Commodore specific ICs (CPU, VIC-II, CIA, PLA, SID, ROMs). The board only has to be equipped with the usual Commodore specific ICs. 
You need a 12V/2A power supply (round plug with 2,5mm inner diameter), which is not included.
Note: All necessary old original Commdore ICs have already been developed several times as replica ICs (PLA, SID, CIA, VIC-II, CPU) and are to parts already available on the market. Therefore, original Commodore ICs may no longer be absolutely necessary.


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WEEE-RegNr.: DE94821459

Programmed by Matthias