2600/XL Arcade C/64 CPC/464 ZX/48  

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With the "uBook64" board the dream of a small space saving C64 becomes reality! The size is 184x146mm.
Despite its only small dimensions this new board has all necessary connectors on board:
- S-Video Port
- Userport
- Tape-Port
- Serial Port
- Joystick Ports
- Expansions Port
In addition to that, there is the possibility of a headphone jack with volume control, and optionally a Pi1541 board can be plugged in (not included), to have a 1541 internally available. Furthermore, the expansion port can be rotated with the help of a separately available 180° expansion adapter add-on board, and thus adapted to your own needs.
Note: When ordering, please specify whether expansions port is to be soldered vertically or horizontally
The board is delivered ready soldered and already equipped with standard ICs (8701 and 64K RAM are already included), but without the Commodore specific ICs (CPU, VIC-II, CIA, PLA, SID, ROMs). The board only has to be equipped with the usual Commodore specific ICs. 
You need a 12V/2A power supply (round plug with 2,5mm inner diameter), which is not included.
Note: All necessary old original Commdore ICs were already developed several times as replica ICs (PLA, SID, CIA, VIC-II, CPU) and are to parts already available on the market. Therefore, original Commodore ICs may no longer be absolutely necessary. 


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