2600/XL Arcade C/64 CPC/464 ZX/48  

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The uLightBox64 is a slim 100x100mm C/64 with 34 RGB LEDs for automatic SID Light-Effects, with the possibility to connect a Bluetooth or USB keyboard directly.
At the top is the Expansion port (vertical), so that a C64 module can be plugged in vertically. The RGB LEDs can be controlled by a simple POKE command, or by different selectable modes.
On the lower Connections board a Raspberry Pi Zero can be plugged directly (optional), so that then a Pi1541 drive is "OnBoard".  
The Userport and the TAPE port are also available.
Included are 10 boards:
- Power (12V, S-VIDEO, placeholder for optional HDMI Out)
- Connections (Userport, Tapeport, 2x Gameports, Floppy/Serial Port)
- Interface
- Remote Keyboard
- ROMs
- video
- Sound (3 SID sockets)
- Top
The uLightBox64 is delivered ready soldered and already equipped with standard ICs (8701 and 64K RAM are already included), but without the Commodore specific ICs (CPU, VIC-II, CIA, PLA, SID, ROMs). The board only has to be equipped with the usual Commodore specific ICs. A Raspberry PICO for controlling the RGB LEDs is included.
You need a 12V/2A power supply (round plug with 2,5mm inner diameter), which is not included.
Note: All necessary old original Commdore ICs have already been developed several times as replica ICs (PLA, SID, CIA, VIC-II, CPU) and are partly already available on the market. Therefore, original Commodore ICs may no longer be absolutely necessary.

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WEEE-RegNr.: DE94821459

Programmed by Matthias