2600/XL Arcade C/64 CPC/464 ZX/48  

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Pi1541 Zero Adapter (READY+)
FM OPL2 Card (READY+) for uAX64
Midi Card (READY+) for uAX64
2MB RAM Card (READY+) for uAX64
Remote BT/USB Keyboard Adapter (READY+)
u251715+64 MMU (READY+)

uAX64 (READY+)

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The uAX64 board measures 245mm x 245mm and fits into an ATX Micro case. The special thing are the 4 card slots, which are an elegant way to upgrade the C/64 quickly and easily, as well as to create new cards for it yourself. Furthermore the additional cards of the uAX64 Mini fit.

- 4 Card slots
- 2 SID Sockets
- Slot for optional internal Pi1541 Zero 1541 drive
- ROM-SET Switch
- VIC Dot Noise Fix (Potentiometer)
Currently the following cards exist:
- 2MB RAM Card
- FM OPL Soundcard
- Midi Card
- SSD Card
- I/O Card with 128 I/O Ports
- Remote BT/USB Keyboard Card
- SID Soundcard with 8 SID Sockets
- Sampler Card 64
- Developer Card
The board is delivered with video/audio/serial board + userport/tapeport board and ready soldered, as well as already equipped with standard ICs (also already 8701 and 64K RAM are included), but without the Commodore specific ICs (CPU, VIC-II, CIA, PLA, SID, ROMs). The board only has to be equipped with the usual Commodore specific ICs. 
An ATX power supply with at least 80 watts or a 12V/2A plug-in power supply (round plug with 2.5mm inner diameter) is required, which is not included in the scope of delivery.
Note: All necessary old original Commdore ICs have already been developed several times as replica ICs (PLA, SID, CIA, VIC-II, CPU) and are partly already available on the market. Therefore, original Commodore ICs may no longer be absolutely necessary.


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Programmed by Matthias