2600/XL Arcade C/64 CPC/464 ZX/48  

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Pi1541 Zero Adapter (READY+)
FM OPL2 HAT (READY+) for uEliteBoard64
SSD HAT (READY+) für uEliteBoard64
Midi HAT (READY+) für uEliteBoard64
u251715+64 MMU (READY+)

uEliteBoard64 v3 (READY+)

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The goal for the uEliteBoard64 was to develop an extraordinary board and thus to try to make the uEliteBoard64 unique, as well as to invite to experiment with all these new possibilities.

The special features of the uEliteBoard64 are:
- "HAT" slot for extensions (Midi, FM OPL2, SSD, ...)
- 3 SID Sockets
- SRAM option on the board
- Slot for optional internal Pi1541 Zero 1541 drive
- Switchable between PAL and NTSC
- Modulator slot for video developments
- WS2812 connector (programmable via ATTiny 84A)
- MicroSD card slot option on board, for internal Serial Port boards
- Kernel switching for 4 kernels via the RESTORE key + RGB LED
- Kernel switching manually via 2 jumpers possible
- Char ROM switching manually via 2 jumpers possible
- VIC-II Stripe Fix options already installed
- VIC-II Dot Noise Fix (potentiometer)   
- Switchable to internal Video-RAM of the 252535
- I2C connections
Particularly noteworthy are the very many measurement points (AEC, RDY, CAS, RAS, PHI0, PotX, PotY, ... ) with hole sizes that allow to plug there directly several oscilloscope probes.
All these possibilities make the uEliteBoard64 unique, and really invite you to experiment.
The board is delivered ready soldered and already assembled with standard ICs (also included are already 8701 and 64K RAM), but without the Commodore specific ICs (CPU, VIC-II, CIA, PLA, SID, ROMs). The board only needs to be populated with the usual Commodore specific ICs. 
A 12V/2A power supply is required (Round plug with 2,5mm inner diameter), which is not included in the delivery.
Note: All necessary old original Commdore ICs have already been developed several times as replica ICs (PLA, SID, CIA, VIC-II, CPU) and are partly already available on the market. Therefore, original Commodore ICs may no longer be absolutely necessary. 


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WEEE-RegNr.: DE94821459

Programmed by Matthias