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The new world of 8bit electronics control

A small compact and flexible 100x100mm C64 to control devices? (the original Commodore 64: ca. 390x150mm)

Now there is one with which it is possible to control hardware to your heart's content and have even more fun with 8 bit programming. The 25 Grove Connectors on the upper "Connections" board make it possible.

This uEmbedded64 C64 computer allows easy access to the huge Seeed Grove Platform with its hundreds of ready-to-use electronic components that can be plugged into the Grove sockets and controlled via C64 Basic/Assembler.

Grove info and sensors: Link

Control a car via Bluetooth with your smartphone? Build a small elevator controller? Develop a small tabletop game with displays, LED lamps and controllers? Let your imagination run wild and have fun with 8Bit!

This C64 is an ideal learning environment for educational institutions as an easy introduction to the world of electronics and programming in the easy to learn 8 bit world.

On the top board is a programmable Teensy 3.2 that allows anyone to customize the connectivity and add new Grove electronic components to keep this new uEmbedded64 C64 future-proof.

Via the USB interface, the C64 control software (.prg or .crt) is transferred to the uEmbedded64 C64 and executed immediately. When the C64 is switched on, the last uploaded control program starts immediately, just like you know it from the Arduino world.

The following PCB boards are supplied (only the unassembled boards, without components):

- "uEmbedded64 - Connections"

- "uEmbedded64 - Top"

- "uEmbedded64 - Bottom"



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Programmed by Matthias