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uTraktorBeam64 - LEVEL17

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The "TraktorBeam64" fits in a Commodore C64 Case and will be used in conjunction with a later available plug-on board in games as an external auxiliary game device for the C64. In fully developed form it has a LCD screen, 2x Ultra Bright LEDs and a LASER which can be activated with the 2nd button. The data is received via a pluggable userport receiver module from another C64 running the game.

By the way, the "TraktorBeam64" board is also a normal C64, which takes up very little space in the case. So other features can be built in, like a couple of battery cells and a LCD monitor, so you can play independent from the mains for example.

The following PCB boards are supplied (only the unassembled boards, without components):

- uTraktorBeam64


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