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This 1541 transfer board is a universal data transfer board. The board consists of several individual boards that can be broken apart depending on the type of application.

On the one hand, the upper and left part can be installed in a 1541 floppy and equipped with a USB port, so that with the help of XUM1541 software and an Arduino Pro Micro, D64 files can be transferred to a 5 1/4 disk very easily, as well as a 5 1/4 disk can be transferred to a PC. Since the board has a parallel port connection, a Fast Nibble Copy can be made. The two upper parts can also be split and the Arduino Pro Micro can be connected outside the 1541 floppy.

In addition, the lower part of the board provides a userport parallel connection that can be separated from the upper part. If the middle part of the board is left out, a parallel speeder can be used in the C64, such as Speeddos Plus.

The following PCB boards are supplied (only the unassembled boards, without components):

- 1541 transfer board

Programmed by Matthias