uAX64 Mini - RGB LED Card

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This RGB LED card can create different "Light Shows". In "automatic mode" the lights dance to the notes played by the SID.


You can also connect external RGB LED Strips to control them.


The following PCB boards are supplied (only the unassembled boards, without components):

- "RGB LED Card"



-> BOM


Components Ordering help (no claim to completeness, may be out of date):

-> Reichelt CSV

-> Components from other sources



-> RGB LED Config Tool

-> 1-D Pong Game

-> Firmware (Teensy 3.5)

(to transfer the firmware to the Teensy via USB, the Teensy Loader can be used: File -> "Open HEX File")


Note: Info about programming the LEDs can be found in the info document of the uLightBox64 (Page 10).

Programmed by Matthias