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uAX64 RGB Card

uAX64 v3

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The uAX64 board is 245mm x 245mm and fits into an ATX Micro case. The special thing about this new C64 against the old Commodore 64 are the 4 card slots, which are an elegant way to upgrade the C64 fast and easy, as well as to create new cards for it yourself. Furthermore the additional cards of the uAX64 Mini fit.


Features of version 3:
- ROM-SET switching
- VIC Dot Noise Fix (potentiometer)
- 3 pin header for alternative 5V regulators
- Improved slot performance
- Teardrops on all pins


Currently the following cards exist:

- RGB Video Card
- SSD Card
- 2MB RAM Card
- FM OPL Soundcard
- Midi Card
- I/O Card with 128 I/O ports
- Remote BT/USB Keyboard Card
- SID Soundcard with 8 SID sockets
- Sampler Card 64
- Developer Card


In the rear part of the board is space for pluggable boards for Ports/Interfaces or additional features. So far there are 2 boards (more boards will follow) for the rear part, which can be stacked on top of each other:

- Video/Audio/Serial (internal Pi1541 Zero Floppy pluggable)

- Userport/Tapeport


The following PCB boards will be delivered (only the unpopulated PCBs, without components):

- uAX64

- Video/Audio/Serial board

- Userport/Tapeport board



-> Informations

-> BOM

-> Troubleshooting


Components Ordering help (no claim to completeness, may be out of date):

-> Reichelt CSV ALL

-> Reichelt CSV ATX Board

-> Reichelt CSV Video Audio Serial

-> Reichelt CSV Userport Tapeport


-> Components from other sources



-> 3D Print Slot Bracket (STL, GCODE)

-> Multiple SIDs Test Tool

-> S-Video Color Test Tool

-> S-Video Color Test 2 Tool

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