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uHeld64 Cover DPAD (Schwarz)
uHeld64 Cover Analog Pad (Schwarz)
64 Pin Sockel
Thumbstick Joystick incl. 0.5mm Drawer Up Contact

uHeld64 v3 (without Cover)

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World premiere: The dream of a Commodore 64 in handheld form comes true! This has about the size of a Gameboy and is the world s first C64 handheld that uses the original C64 chips, and does not "emulate" the computer. 


Please order additionally: "uHeld64 Cover" (in different colors) for an Anlog Stick or DPAD (see below)


New v3 Features:

- VIC Dot Noise Fix (Potentiometer)
- Better Audio 9V/5V Support (SID 8580/ARMSID)
- Better space allocation of the components
- Additional board labeling
- 2-pin pin solder strip for external reset button
- 5-pin pin solder strip for external 1541
- 6-pin pin solder strip for external TAPE
- Ready for uSID64 stereo (A5-A9 pins for 2nD SID adapter board)
- Teardrops on Pins



- Complete C64 keyboard in miniature form
- Analog Joystick or DPAD and 2 buttons ("Fire" and "Up")
- Internal Raspberry Pi Zero slot to simulate a 1541(Pi1541)
- S-Video Port (optional)
- 12V DC Power Socket
- External joystick connections (2 x 7 pole plug connectors)
- A module can be inserted from above
- Dimensions approx. 107x159x40mm


Current consumption at 12V: approx. 350mA


A battery charger and discharge protection must be selected and installed by the user.


The following PCB boards are supplied (only the unpopulated PCBs, without components):

- Mainboard
- Keyboard
- Rear
- MA8505



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Components Ordering help (no claim to completeness, may be out of date):

-> Reichelt CSV All

-> Reichelt CSV Mainboard

-> Reichelt CSV Keyboard

-> Reichelt CSV Joysticks


-> Components from other sources



-> ATTiny84A Firmwares

-> S-Video Color Test Tool

-> S-Video Color Test 2 Tool

-> Dot Noise Calibration Tool

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