SYSTest64 (OLED)

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This new C64 SYSTest64 Cartridge includes numerous test capabilities in one, and outshines the usual Commodore 64 Diagnostic Harness, Check64 and DeadTest modules.

All tests are controlled centrally via a ProMicro, an OLED display and a Micro button. A fully automatic test as well as individual test areas can be selected. This makes it possible to test only one problem area very quickly, without having to wait for other unimportant tests. In addition to the normal harness tests, the address and data bus as well as system signals can be visually checked with the help of LEDs. In the run-up to the actual tests, the OLED display is used to check certain signals that are vital for a working C64, and whether these signals are present. Unlike the C64 DEAD-TEST, here the OLED display shows problems visibly, and also the system voltage is shown there.

In addition to this, the 512KB ROM also houses several other test programs, such as:

- Visual Keyboard, Joystick,Paddles/Mouse Test

- SID Address Test

- Display Quality Test

- MIDI Test

The following PCB boards are supplied (only the unpopulated PCBs, without components):

- SYSTest64 Board

- Left Address+Data LEDs Board

- Top State LEDs Board

- Harness Connector Board


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-> Pro Micro Firmware

-> Pro Micro ROM (W27C512)

Programmed by Matthias