2600/XL Arcade C/64 CPC/464 ZX/48  
Welcome to UNI64, the webshop for classic 8-bit technology in the form of the classic 2 Layer THT/Through Hole Technology, and new visions for 80's computer hard- and software, especially concerning the internet, but also the continuous development of 8-bit replica chips, so that completely new 80s based computers can be built and offered. can be offered.

For years I and many fans of UNI64 computers have been on an exciting 8-bit journey that has only just begun, and with the UNIVERSE 64 will again reach a new peak. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many open-minded fans who are following this path with me and enthusiastically accompany the development, are fascinated by the ever new developments and support me actively via the UNI64 8-Bit Webshop or Patreon

What makes UNI64 so special? With the computers/hardware developed by UNI64 you can be sure that no SMD/SMT is used, and no FPGA computer or a Linux Cartridge emulates or replaces the 8-bit computer (as well as the Linux OS has to be booted each time), but as you are used to, everything is immediately ready 2 sec. after switching on, and the special 80s real chip aura is absolutely preserved.

I myself am on the road in many different areas, which guarantees that it will never be boring, on the contrary, very varied, and I will always be good for new surprises. Important for me has always been not only to be on the pulse of time, but to shape the time itself, in which one not only thinks the future, but also lives or exemplifies it. Someone I had only known for a short time and who was a specialist in brain matters once said "You are very advanced in your thinking compared to others of the same age", which I could not really classify at the age of 24. Today, I am more aware of the implications of the statement. It is time to time to make a dent in the universe.

The progress of the developments can be followed promptly and directly on Patreon, with simultaneous support for my ambitious overall project UNIVERSE 64

With all this lots of joy!

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