Welcome to UNI64, the webshop for classic 8-bit technology and new visions for 80s computer hardware and especially what concerns the internet. Here I design computer boards based on the classic 8-Bit chips in the form of the classic 2 Layer THT/Through Hole Technology (mainly no SMD components that make repairs difficult, no FPGA emulator board that only emulates the whole computer), as well as accessories for these new boards. I am also working on numerous replica chips to replace the old and in the near future no longer available 80s chips, so that fully new 80's computers can be built and distributed. My vision of this "future development" is to create a whole new experience, a new 8-Bit online gaming network universe. Therefore, since 2018, I have been planning and working on the new UNIVERSE 64, which will hold a few surprises in store in the coming years... journeys into a new 8-bit dimension.

The course of these developments can be followed on Patreon in a timely and direct manner, with simultaneous support the ambitious overall project.

With all this lots of joy!

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