2600/XL Arcade C/64 CPC/464 ZX/48  
Welcome to UNI64, the webshop for classic 8-bit technology in the form of the classic 2 Layer THT/Through Hole Technology, and new visions for 80s computer hard- and software, especially concerning the internet, but also the continuous development of 8-bit replica chips, so that completely new 80s based computers can be built and offered.

What is the goal of UNI64? Making the supposedly impossible possible, namely to re-establish 8-bit computers with the old classical THT technology on the computer market (what quite a few still considered utopian a few years ago). In addition, this is the hardware basis for the UNIVERSE 64 that I have been planning for years. An 8-bit universe that brings all my findings to the point and into a new form. For years I and many fans of UNI64 computers of UNI64 computers on an exciting 8-bit journey, that is just beginning in 2023. The last years have been filled with learning, experimentation, concept development, experimentation and know how specialization.

At the beginning of 2023 the decision was made to expand the 8-bit spectrum, and to include the various 8-bit basic systems of the 80s into the comprehensive concept. into the comprehensive concept, and also to develop new hardware for it, which is very much fun, but also a big challenge, because different hardware concepts have different specifications to be considered, which then have to be combined in the UNIVERSE 64.

Quite a few people are very fond of this and support UNI64 via the webshop as well as via Patreon. At this point a big thank you to all active and open-minded supporters, which have accompanied UNI64 for years.

From UNI64, the UNIVERSE 64, and in the figurative sense from me, still a lot is to be expected, so that it seems in the area of the possible, in the figurative sense to make a dent in the universe :-)

With all this lots of joy!

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