2600/XL Arcade C/64 CPC/464 ZX/48 WEBSHOP
uLightBox64 - Informations
A C/64 shows emotions
The uLightBox64 with its 34 RGB LEDs fascinates because of its light effects. Whether in demo mode or automatically controlled via the SID sound chip during games and music programs, this C/64 makes a good impression.
Besides all the usual C64 connectivity options, the uLightBox64 comes with the possibility to connect a Bluetooth or USB keyboard, an S-Video connector, an optional OLED as well as 4 buttons for the internal optional 1541, a top-mounted expansion port, 3 SID soundchip slots
Extensions like the available MIDI interface (with USB connection) can be plugged in and used easily in no time. Thus, the uLightBox64 remains future-proof and open for further extensions.
New features
The new version 3 has many small and big improvements