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uHELD64 - Informations
A mobile C/64 with 1982 THT Technology
The uHELD64 combines C64 technology from 1982 with mobility and brings 8-Bit gaming fun on the go to any occasion. It is the world's first smallest handheld that uses the original C64 chips (CPU 6510, VIC-II 6569, CIA 6526, SID 6581, MMU 251715, SRAM 2114, ... ), and is prepared for PAL and NTSC operation (switchable with board jumper, the respective other VIC-II NTSC/PAL chip must be plugged in).
A full C64 miniature keyboard, S-Video output, speakers, headphone jack, extra jump button, expansion port, optional internal 1541 (Pi1541), optional joystick ports, DPAD or analog stick. Despite the small dimensions, as many features as possible were integrated into the uHELD64 to offer as many possibilities as possible.
The uHELD64 is available in two versions: once as a classic DPAD version and once as an analog PAD version. For both versions the Commodore specific chips have to be plugged in (not included: CPU, VIC-II, CIA's, MMU and ROMs), then you can start with the game fun based on classic THT technology from 1982, made fit for the future.
New features
The new version 4 has many small and big improvements