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uEliteBoard64 - Informations
C/64 board with internal HAT slot
The uEliteBoard64 is something very special. Besides the optional three pluggable SID's it has a lot of other features and uses the original C64 chips (CPU 6510, VIC-II 6569, CIA 6526, SID 6581, MMU 251715, SRAM 2114, ... ), and is prepared for PAL and NTSC operation (switchable with board jumper, the other VIC-II NTSC/PAL chip must be plugged in).
Of course you will find the usual C64 connectors on this extraordinary board: Expansion port, video/audio port, serial port, user port, tape port and joystick ports
Beside the usual ports and the 3 SID sockets the uEliteBoard64 offers a HAT socket with which you can expand the board in seconds with pluggable boards internally (e.g.: SSD HAT, FM OPL2 Sound HAT, MIDI HAT). Furthermore there is a pluggable modulator with optimized S-Video signal, an internal 1541 (Pi1541) slot, Stripe-Fix option, SRAM option, I2C ports, ROM switching via RESTORE button, optional RGB light control, many measurement points (RAS, CAS, PHI0, ...). The board still needs the Commodore specific chips to be plugged in (not included: CPU, VIC-II, CIA's, MMU and ROMs), then you can start with the classic THT technology based gaming fun from 1982, made fit for the future.