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uAX64 - Informations
A C/64 with plug-in cards
The uAX64 can do that, and more! This is the world's first C64 based computer with ATX card slots and uses the original C64 chips (CPU 6510, VIC-II 6569, CIA 6526, SID 6581, MMU 251715, SRAM 2114, ... ), and is prepared for PAL and NTSC operation (switchable with board jumper, the other VIC-II NTSC/PAL chip must be plugged).
An USB or Bluetooth keyboard can be connected to the rear of the USB socket via an USB remote adapter for the keyboard pin socket, S-Video output, Video jack, Audio Chinch jacks, Serial jack, User and Tape port, optional internal 1541 (Pi1541), Joystick ports.
The uAX64 is available in two versions: one with 4 card slots and one with 7 card slots ("MAX"). In addition, a second SID chip socket is already available, a second ROM is switchable, and an internal expansion port is available. For both versions you have to plug in the Commodore specific chips (not included: CPU, VIC-II, CIA's, MMU and ROMs), then you can start with the classic THT technology based gaming fun from 1982, made fit for the future.